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Every student in North Carolina graduates ready for college, careers and life.


To accelerate systemic, sustainable innovation in schools across the state.

A Trusted Partner in Education Innovation

North Carolina New Schools believes that every student deserves to graduate ready for college and careers so they can provide for themselves, their family and their community.

To make that belief a reality, we've worked since 2003 to develop highly capable educators and innovative school and district models to meet the individual needs of each student. Successful schools and districts demand a culture of collaboration, professionalism and shared responsibility among teachers and school leaders. To successfully prepare students for the global economy, schools must accelerate rigor and skills development among graduates by providing explicit connections to higher education and to business and industry. 

At NC New Schools, we partner with schools and districts across the state -- as well as partners in business and industry, government, community colleges, and universities -- to provide world-class learning for educators to transform teaching and learning to be relevant today and tomorrow. We provide intensive and proven coaching for teachers and principals in instruction and leadership at every level. We offer professional development opportunities that give schools access to cutting-edge strategies and the opportunity to collaborate with experts from across the state and beyond. And we scale innovation that works across school districts and regions to push the boundaries of change through research and development.

A decade later, the number of partner districts and schools has grown more than four-fold -- to more than 100 -- and partnerships are expanding to include districtwide and regional strategies to extend beyond individual schools. Nearly three quarters of North Carolina's 100 counties host at least one of these innovative schools, which follow a variety of designs to achieve the single goal of graduating all students well prepared. The data show that districts and schools that partner with NC New Schools get better results for their students -- reducing dropouts, improving graduation rates, outperforming traditional schools on state testing results, and increasing overall student achievement. 

To hear more from our staff, teachers, administrators and partners, visit FutureReady, an interactive blog for North Carolina New Schools and its stakeholders to discuss issues related to implementing secondary innovation, scaling education reform and connecting education transformation to economic and workforce development. 

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North Carolina New Schools overview -- "Innovation & Excellence in Public Education"

North Carolina New Schools

Every student in North Carolina graduates ready for college, careers and life.
To accelerate systemic, sustainable innovation in schools across the state.

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