About Us

Who We Are

NC New Schools/Breakthrough Learning is one of the largest public school innovation agencies in the country. We are a professional services agency focused on developing high-performing schools and districts.

What We Do

As a proven provider of high-value professional learning services for educators and administrators, NC New Schools/Breakthrough Learning helps transform classrooms in student-centered, personalized learning environments that align with the knowledge, skills and abilities required for success in jobs and higher education. By blending high school, college and work-based learning, schools and districts can achieve sustained high performance and ensure that every student graduates fully-prepared for the demands of the 21st century.

NC New Schools/Breakthrough Learning helps teachers, principals and administrators engage and motivate students toward increasingly higher levels of achievement to prepare them for success in an ever-changing world. We partner with educators in local schools and districts to design new and more effective approaches to teaching, learning and leading in sync with the sweeping changes transforming the education landscape.

We do this by delivering customized professional learning services in partnership with more than 170 schools and more than 2,700 educators serving over 77,000 students nationwide. We also partner with more than 60  community colleges and universities and more than 100 employers across the nation to design solutions that enable students to graduate with significant transferable college credit in addition to the knowledge and skills to be successful in life.

Our track record demonstrates success in reducing dropouts, improving graduation rates, outperforming traditional schools on state testing results, and increasing overall student achievement.

Why We Do It

We believe that every student deserves to graduate ready to provide for themselves, their family and their community.

The nation needs an educated workforce like never before – continued economic development and progress depends on educational opportunity for all, especially those students who have been historically under-served. That’s why we are committed to a future where every student graduates ready.


Every student graduates ready for college, careers and life.


To accelerate systemic, sustainable innovation in education.

Core Values

  • Innovation
    We explore creative solutions to complex problems and support our clients to implement innovative strategies that prepare every student for college, careers and life.
  • Inquiry
    We explore new possibilities by engaging in research and reflection to inform continuous growth.
  • Partnership
    We collaborate with clients and stakeholders to personalize and strengthen our impact.
  • Professionalism
    We are guided by an ethic of excellence that is grounded in integrity.
  • Human Potential
    We believe in maximizing talent to provide equitable opportunities for all students.

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