Breakthrough Learning

Since 2003, with an original mission to transform education so that every student graduates ready for college, careers and life, NC New Schools has grown into a leading professional services agency dedicated to building the knowledge, skills and capabilities of educators. Now NC New Schools is proud to announce the organization’s next chapter: Breakthrough Learning, the national brand of NC New Schools.

As a subsidiary organization, Breakthrough Learning will continue the same work as NC New Schools, but on a national level. The new entity reflects the organization’s growth and relationships that extend to clients outside North Carolina’s borders. A national brand is necessary to:

  • Distinguish our organization in a national context and represent the growth to states beyond North Carolina; and
  • Accurately reflect our core professional learning services as they evolve over time to meet the emerging needs of our clients.

Beginning in 2015, Breakthrough Learning will partner with agencies, communities, schools and districts in Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi and South Carolina.

Through Breakthrough Learning, we remain committed to being a client-centered, professional services organization that is welcomed across the country. Our work will continue to help transform classrooms into student-centered, personalized learning environments that align with the knowledge, skills and abilities required for success in jobs and higher education so that every student graduates fully-prepared for the demands of the 21st century.

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