Breakthrough Learning

Breakthrough LearningSince 2003, NC New Schools has grown into a leading professional services agency dedicated to building the knowledge, skills and capabilities of educators to transform public schools and school districts. NC New Schools is proud to announce our next chapter, Breakthrough Learning, the national brand of NC New Schools.

Breakthrough Learning will extend the work of NC New Schools on a national level. This new entity reflects our growth and relationships that extend to clients and partners beyond North Carolina’s borders and reflects our core professional learning and research and development services as they evolve over time.

Breakthrough Learning will take what we’ve learned from more than a dozen years of experience in transforming public education and bring those opportunities to more communities across the country.

East Rutherford - classroom talkNational Work

This year, Breakthrough Learning will partner with communities in Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi and South Carolina to transform classrooms into student-centered, personalized learning environments that align with the skills required for success in the global economy.

The work in our four new partner states will address the unique challenges of high-need students in rural areas by:

  • radically changing expectations for college and career readiness;
  • developing strong leadership at the classroom and school levels;
  • building practices that lead to high-quality teaching and learning;
  • promoting policies that lead to improved student outcomes; and
  • cultivating business and community partners to engage education as a regional economic driver.

The initiative will create new opportunities for students in low-income, rural counties to gain a leg up on college and careers.




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