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  • Aug26May01

    Registration for NC New Schools Network Schools for 2014-2015

    Registration for NC New Schools Network Schools 2014-2015 Program of Service is now open!

    Click here to register.


  • Oct07Mar11

    In-state Study Visits

    Designed for a team. Schools are encouraged to include a principal, teacher leader and two others.

    In-state study visits provide a deep, experiential learning and networking opportunity amon…

  • Nov04May27

    Secondary Lenses on Learning (SLOL)

    Designed for a school team including the principal, an influential mathematics teacher, counselor, and district curriculum director.

    SLoL is a series of four seminars addressing the followin…

  • Dec01Jan28

    Critical Friends Group (CFG) Training

    Designed for all educators.

    CFG facilitation promotes honest and productive conversations with colleagues focused on improving student learning and teacher practice. Participants are trained…

  • Jan13-14

    New Teacher Institute

    The New Teacher Institute, sponsored by Wells Fargo, is designed for any principal and/or teacher new to the NC New Schools network. (Requi…

  • Jan14May01

    Math Design Collaborative

    Designed for a school team including the principal and influential math teachers. A district representative is invited to join the first session.

    The Math Design Collaborative (MDC) aims to …

  • Jan14May01

    Literacy Design Collaborative

    Designed for a school team including the principal and influential teachers representing at least two of the following content areas:  English, social studies, and/or science. A district represent…

  • Jan15May14

    Counselor/College Liaison Support Webinars

    Designed for counselors and college liaisons.

    These webinars provide opportunities for counselors and college liaisons to engage in collective problem solving to address challenging issues, …

  • Apr13-15

    Scaling STEM: Strategies That Engage Minds 2015 Conference

    Designed for all educators and supporters of education.
    The Scaling STEM conference is an opportunity to learn from experts from across the state and nation and with peers to advance STEM str…

  • Apr13

    2015 Student STEM Symposium

    Designed for teams of students.

    Students who undertake research projects understand the importance of inquiry; they learn to pose meaningful questions, to access or collect relevant informat…

  • Apr13

    Innovation Challenge

    Save the Date!

  • Apr22-24

    Out of State Study Visit - Spring 2015

    Designed for all educators.

    Highly structured study visits complement deeper professional learning to accelerate talent development across schools and districts partnering with NC New School…

  • Jun23-25

    Summer Institute 2015

    Designed for a team of five including the principal, teachers, counselor and/or college liaison.

    Summer Institute serves as a catalyst for learning and building community, connecting teams f…

  • Jul06Jun24

    Coach University

    Designed for lead teachers and current or aspiring instructional coaches.