New brand, same commitment to education innovation

October 25, 2012 - Since 2003, we've been partnering with local communities to transform public education across North Carolina so that all students graduate ready for college, careers and life. Now it's time to announce a change of our own.

After completing a year-long strategic planning effort called Vision 2015 to chart our work in the complex and challenging world of school change, we're excited to unveil our new name and new look.

Ensuring that all students graduate well prepared for life after high school isn't a "project" -- it's an ongoing process. At North Carolina New Schools, we're working to accelerate innovation in schools and districts that is both lasting and far-reaching -- a deep cultural shift, not cosmetic tinkering.  

The star-centered burst represents the ideas, creativity and energy behind these efforts to engage all students with powerful approaches to teaching, learning and leading. The five colors signify the critical partners that make this work possible: business and industry, government, schools and districts, community colleges, and universities.
In collaboration with these important partners, we cultivate effective teachers and administrators while also creating new approaches to public education that will take our students successfully into the global economy. Through sustained professional development and coaching, we strengthen the talent of teachers and administrators to ensure that every North Carolina student graduates ready for success.

With Vision 2015, NC New Schools will build on its successful talent development strategies, its tools for school design and development, and its collaborative partnerships to address three overarching goals:

  • Advance STEM education: Accelerate rigor and skills development among graduates by partnering with committed schools/districts and by providing explicit connections to higher education and to business and industry.
  • Advance workforce development: Support the creation of a seamless education and training system, including linking students and teachers to workplace learning, by working with local, state and national partners.
  • Advance innovation: Scale innovation that works across school districts and regions with local, state and national partners; push the boundaries of change through research and development.

At North Carolina New Schools, we believe that all students deserve to graduate ready to provide for themselves, their families and their communities -- and we know that the educators and partners in innovative districts across the state can make that happen.  

Click here for more information about Vision 2015.


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