• Visit A School Overview

    Learn how you or your district can visit an innovative secondary school.

    4 AUG 2011


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  • One-to-One: Lessons Learned

    If your school or school system is contemplating a 1:1 learning environment, you may wish to heed these lessons learned from the 1:1 Learning Initiative Pilot.

    17 JUN 2011


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  • Common Instructional Framework

    NC New Schools' Common Instructional Framework: Every student reads, writes, thinks and talks in every classroom every day.

    This common framework for instruction drives the instructional practice at schools partnering with NC New Schools and supports their success. These strategies create classrooms that allow for powerful learning and powerful teaching and form the basis of a coherent college preparatory curriculum. They give all students of all skill levels access to the complex information needed to meet state and college-ready standards. These instructional strategies succeed because they engage all students in learning and require them to take an active role in their education.

    25 MAR 2011


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  • Download

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  • NC New Schools STEM Vision

    This document outlines the North Carolina New School Project's vision of STEM education.

    11 MAR 2011


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