• INNOVATOR Dec. 13, 2011

    In this issue:
    - Recognizing quality in NC's STEM schools
    - Educators meet to sharpen focus on goals
    - Latest school data on NC report card site
    - Kenan Fellows seeking innovative teachers
    - and more news about secondary school innovation

    13 DEC 2011


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  • INNOVATOR Nov. 8, 2011

    In this issue:
    - Help wanted: Employees with advanced skills
    - NC leaders honor schools for graduating all  
    - Teachers share strategies at STEM symposium
    - NC hosting national STEM conference in 2012
    - and more news about secondary school innovation

    8 NOV 2011


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  • INNOVATOR Oct. 4, 2011

    In this issue:
    (click link for HTML version or click date above for PDF version)
    -Postsecondary success true test of readiness
    -NCNSP wins federal grant to train new teachers
    -Wake-NCSU Early College featured in Ed Week
    -FutureReady: New forum for education reform

    4 OCT 2011


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  • INNOVATOR Sept. 6, 2011

    In this issue:
    -Scaling innovation to reach more students
    -3 new NCNSP schools open in 2011-12
    -Survey finds grads have high school regrets

    6 SEP 2011


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  • Visit A School Overview

    Learn how you or your district can visit an innovative secondary school.

    4 AUG 2011


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  • INNOVATOR Aug. 4, 2011 | Special Edition

    In this special edition:
    -ABCs and graduation rate

    4 AUG 2011


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  • INNOVATOR Aug. 2, 2011

    In this issue:
    -Learning Lab schools open for first visits
    -Growth in STEM jobs outpaces others
    -Youth Truth survey finds high marks for NCNSP

    2 AUG 2011


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  • STEM Education in North Carolina

    A globally competitive, knowledge-based economy is a fact of life for North Carolina's high school students-now and for the foreseeable future-and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are critical drivers in that economy. To reduce a potentially crippling
    workforce knowledge gap and to prepare more students-especially those who traditionally have been underrepresented - for STEM careers, North Carolina must make these disciplines accessible and relevant and fundamentally change approaches to teaching.

    This document outlines NCNSP's vision for STEM education, shares results at NCNSP STEM schools and offers a look at scaling STEM education statewide.

    26 JUL 2011


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  • STEM Schools Results 2011

    Brief overview of STEM schools and recent performance measures

    18 JUL 2011


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  • INNOVATOR June 30, 2011

    In this issue:
    -CTE role key in secondary school innovation
    -Bertie STEM wins 2011 Innovator Award
    -Summer Institute recap
    -STEM schools graduate first class

    30 JUN 2011


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