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More than ever before, technology has become integral to teaching, learning and leading in the 21st century. Today's classroom technology isn't just a computer and a projector or even a laptop for every student -- it represents a range of devices, platforms, apps and software to make connections among teachers, students and parents and to connect schools with the world.

North Carolina New Schools, in collaboration with local, state and national partners, provides direct support to teachers and administrators to advance and accelerate the use of school and classroom technology in meaningful ways. Virtual communities, through Edmodo or the Commons (NC New Schools' e-community), offer online networking opportunities to leverage connections among partner schools across the state and break down the isolation often felt by classroom educators.

Strategic Priorities:
-    Provide direct support to teachers and administrators that cost-effectively provides for blended approaches to learning.
-    Partner to create a virtual community for teachers, students, business and other partners to share resources.
-    Address technology as integral to teaching, learning and leading.

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