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North Carolina New Schools conducted a year-long effort reaching out across the state and nation for input and recommendations to create a strategic and business plan for the coming years. This plan, titled Vision 2015: Scaling Excellence in Public Education, builds upon the vast cultural, scientific and technological assets of North Carolina to ensure that schools evolve as engines of creativity and invention, equipping and inspiring the future innovators, leaders and citizens of our state.

Click here to read the full Vision 2015 report.

As identified through Vision 2015, the most urgent priorities for NC New Schools are found in the transformation of schools and their districts and in the development of talent among teachers and administrators. Cultivating effective teachers and administrators while also creating new approaches to middle and high school education form NC New Schools' central focus.

Strategic Priorities [see links at left]:
-    Tools in teaching, learning and leading
-    Innovations for organizational models
-    Talent development
-    Workforce development
-    Policy and engagement
-    Technology solutions

Special appreciation goes to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for its investment in research and analysis that resulted in the development of Vision 2015, as well as the many individual leaders and organizations that participated in this process.

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